About Ayurved

Branches Of Ayurved

"Ayurved is also known as Ashtanga Ayurved (science with eight branches) because it is classified into eight different branches. Ayurveda provides comprehensive preventive, promotive and curative aspects of health through eight major clinical specialties.

  • Kayachikitsa - Internal Medicine)
  • Kaumarbhritya- Paediatrics and Obstretics
  • Graha chikitsa - Psychiatry
  • Shalakyatantra -Treatment of eyes, ears, nose, throat, head
  • Shalya chikitsa -Surgery
  • Agada tantra Toxicology
  • Rasayana Gerentorology
  • Vrishya chikitsa - Vajikarana (Aphrodisiacs) Sexology

These major eight specialties have been further developed later into many sub-specialties of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic approach to Life-style :

Health is greatly influenced by Life-Style (Swastha-vritta). According to Ayurveda, Life-style (the rules and guidelines) is divided into three parts:

  • Dincharya ~ दिनचर्या (Diet and regimen for the daytime)
  • Ratricharya ~ रात्रिचर्या (Diet and regimen for the night)
  • Ritucharya ~ ऋतुचर्या (Seasonal Diet and regimen) and Sandhikal (diet instructions for the joint period of two seasons)