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Ayurved Clinic

Ayurveda consultation provides you a one-stop solution for your health issues in an authentic way. Working Time- 09AM -10PM

Panchakarma Centre

Panchakarma treatments are cleansing, detoxification & rejuvenating treatments which are effective on both physical & mental levels. Working Time - 09AM - 09PM

Ayurved Pharmacy

Our medicines are prepared using best quality herbs and strictly follow the techniques. This approach is combined with latest technology, meticulous manufacturing processes. Working Time 09AM - 10PM

Yoga Clinic

We guide, suggest important Yogasan as per required to patients according to their diseases. Yoga increases the Flexibility of the body by improving the blood circulation.

Suvarnaprashan Centre

It’s a unique method of Ayurveda immunization which helps the children to boost up the intellectual power, immunity. On every month Pushya Nakshtra we are giving most Authentic Suvarnaprashan doses at our Centre

Ayu. Students Learning Centre

Its free learning centre for Ayurved students, Jnr. Drs under guidance of Dr.Ramdas Garje. Free Lectures, Consulting OPD, Panchakarma training are integral part of learning Centre

We, At Dr.GARJE Ayurved Panchakarma Clinic, Specialize In

Panchakarma Therapy The Complete Detoxification

  • Panchkarma

    Five methods of Body detoxification

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  • Kizi Therapy

    Bolus therapy

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  • Abhyangam

    Full body Ayurvedic massage with herbal oils followed with herbal steam for complete relaxation, detoxification & rejuvenation.

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  • Padagyagam

    About padagyagam goes here..

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  • Jalukacharan

    About Jalukacharan come here..

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  • Hruday Basti

    Unique therapy for heart & chest problems like improper functioning of heart, asthma or any lung problems.

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  • Janu Basti

    Hot Herbal oil therapy with help of a dough ring on the knee joint which aids in lubrication of the joints & relieves any knee joint pain or swelling.

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  • Spinal Basti

    Hot Herbal oil therapy with help of a dough ring on spine region to alleviate any kind of backache, compressed disc, sciatica, etc.

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  • Pizichil

    Slow stream of warm medicated oil in a large quantity, poured all over the body with gentle massage to make the oil penetrate into the skin.

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  • Manya Basti

    Hot oil therapy for nape (back) of the neck region to relieve the muscles from continuous strain due to day-to-day work.

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  • Shiro abhyangam

    Anti-stress head massage with herbal oils to relieve muscular tension from head, neck & shoulders and helps in various hair problems.

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  • Nasya

    Herbal oils administered through nostrils for rejuvenation & cleansing of toxins from upper half of the body.

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  • Shirodhara

    Continuous stream of herbal oil poured over the forehead for deep relaxation of mind & body. Works as a Stress buster.

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  • Mukhalep

    Herbal paste is applied to the face for giving glowing skin and also helps to cure acne, blemishes, wrinkles, dry or oily skin.

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  • Udavartanam

    A dry herbal powder full body massage to refresh the body, purify skin, improve circulation & burn excessive fats in the body.

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  • Netra Tarpan

    Herbal drops are instilled in both the eyes carefully which helps to cleanse eyes, improve vision & brightness, increase freshness,

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  • Pind swed

    Whole body is massaged with herbal oils followed with scrubbing of medicated bolus after dipping it in hot herbal decoction.

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  • Patra pind sweda

    About Patra pind sweda come here..

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  • Kati basti

    Hot Herbal oil therapy with help of a dough ring on the lower back to alleviate any kind of backache, compressed disc, sciatica, etc.

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